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Looking to enhance your foosball playing experience?

You've come to the right place! In here, you’ll find many products that make foosball more fun. And, if you’re looking for great table shuffleboard items or want to decorate your game room, check out our unique inventory. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and remember:

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Foosball Table
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How to Play Foosball Right Poster

How to Play Foosball Poster

11 x 17 inch Laminated Poster Includes:

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Foosball Table Silicone

Triple Crown Silicone Spray

Safe for Shuffleboard Tables - Tough enough for Foosball Tables!

This product was was designed to clean and lubricate foosball game rods. Use it for smoother, faster action on your foosball table. It will not gum-up or collect on surfaces and it reduces friction on rods, giving the user more spin and a faster, more competitive game.

Use only in well ventilated areas. Extend rod outside the playfield and spray Silicone lightly on the rod to get maximum spin.

Special features:
Heat and cold stable. Clear, non greasy, odorless, non drying, lowers friction, protects from corrosion, and waterproofs. Caution: Do not spray rod while over the playfield or you will create too fast a playfield.

Website price for TWO-PACK $29.98 with FREE SHIPPING!

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Zen and the Art of Foosball: A Beginner's  Guide to Table Soccer

About the Author

Charles C. Lee is an expert foosball player with several years of experience. He has won numerous tournaments and is dedicated to promoting the sport of foosball.

David Richard is an expert foosball player known for his abilities on offense and his keen insights on the subtleties of the game.

Attma Sharma is a master foosball player who specializes in defense. He has instructed many students in the art of foosball.

Order from Amazon - Zen and The Art of Foosball: A Beginner's Guide to Table Soccer

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